Lightning Rod Studios is constantly developing new projects in various genres and working with filmmakers to package, develop and produce projects as co-productions.
Submission Policy: Lightning Rod Studios encourages writers, directors and filmmakers interested in working with Lightning Rod Studios to contact us early on in the development of a project.  However, please note that we DO NOT accept unsolicited screenplays, treatments, artwork or music.  It is our policy to immediately delete or throw away any unsolicited material without looking at it.  If you would like to submit material to Lightning Rod Studios for consideration, you must first contact us by email with information about your project.  If we are interested, we will invite you to submit your screenplay or treatment
Film Financing: We have a proven track record of developing business plans, funding strategies and production budgets that result in fully financed films.  However, please note that WE ARE NOT A BANK AND WE DO NOT FINANCE FILMS DIRECTLY.  We typically work with filmmakers who have either partial or full financing in place or who hire us to assist them to obtain financing or distribution with interested third parties.